Healthy and Safe Transition

Healthy And Safe Transition?

  • Healthy and Safe Transition is a program where transitioning to the home is made easy
  • All we do is train the personal care giver of your choice.
  • Caregivers Services: Dressing/Grooming, Personal Hygiene, Shopping/Running Errands, Light Housekeeping, Meal Preparation, Companionship, & Transportation

Caregivers of Choice

To qualify for our services, a person must meet the following:

  • Medicaid eligible or have Medicaid (MO HealthNet eligible)
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Must have a physical disability

You Need

The service we offer is an extraordinary alternative to the normal process. We assist all we can to help clients through every step of the way to be able to age in place.

You Recieve

The care we give is leagues above the norm of Care Service. We exceed the state mandated and state requirements just to ensure you or your loved one are Safe.

You Participate

We can ensure that health care professionals, make decisions in your care path that are in your best interest.  We want you to be comfortable with the decisions made. We explain and elaborate your care plan.

You Live

We know that you need to live the life you have without being held down or back by life’s hardships and difficulties

Fill out the form or call us at (314) 736-6298 (STL Office) or at (816) 448-3123 (KC Office)

Our Innovation

  • We ensure that people properly transition home
  • We keep our care clients in the loop as to what is going on and how we will be helping them
  • Med reminders help make sure all is on track

The Divergence

  • We have our hands are widely spread within the community
  • We also help with individual cases that exist, so we ready to handle any of your possible situations
  • “Red Zones” are nonexistent in the communities

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